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The Story Behind The Traveling PA

Empowering PAs To Gain the Confidence Needed To Earn More, Work Less, & Travel 

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We're Here To Help You Recognize Your Worth

A Bit About The Traveling PA-C

As a practicing PA since 2014, I’ve picked up some techniques along the way as well as developed confidence. I remember reading an article I ran into in 2014,  that discussed the gender pay gap

Men were bringing in $10k more when compared to their female counterparts.


Fast Forward to 2023, NOTHING HAS CHANGED!


According to NCCPA President/CEO Dawn Morton-Rias, EdD, PA-C, during a podcast on PAOS, she discussed the same topic except now she exclaimed,

 "women were getting paid $10k-20k less than their male counterparts".


So, my question was: How does this continue to happen?


One main reason is because we [as women] are not asking for it …however, it is much easier said than done (and I know because I’ve had several opportunities to practice)!  Thus Traveling PA was birthed.


What Does The Traveling PA Offer?

A safe space with support services that will enable you to advance your profession with confidence:  


  • Decreasing anxiety and stress of negotiation

  • Becoming familiar with the basics to salary negotiation 

  • Teaching how to ask for what you want

  • Learning advanced negotiation techniques

Who Is This For?

Our guidance service is for anyone who is: 


  • Starting a new job

  • Up for a raise/promotion

  • Frustrated with unfair compensation

  • In need of guidance & coaching to get comfortable

Boost Your Self Confidence
& Start Earning More

At The Traveling PA-C, we're dedicated to empowering you to reach new heights. Our consultation is your gateway to boosting self-confidence and unlocking pathways to increased earnings and create wealth.

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